The METIS project thrives on user participation. We welcome critical comments regarding form and content of our portal via email (see below). There will be various opportunities to submit your own texts, which will be read by us and of which we select the best for publication. These may include experiential texts for the homepage (see Ongoing Projects below), joint reflective journals, chain letters, or similar. Please note that not all text submissions can be published.

Anyone who decides to submit a text agrees to us saving their contact information and assigns their publication rights to us. Furthermore, by submitting a text, you declare that the text, including any images, do not violate any copyrights. Each publication discloses the name and location of the author. Texts written by METIS authors are marked with their respective initials.

Ongoing Projects

 Frontpage album

The frontpage of our portal features an album of wisdom topics. Short texts (approx. 3-5 A4 pages, with or without images) can be submitted to any wisdom topic to be found behind the honeycombs, or to the topics listed below. The texts should be written in accessible language. This should render the experiences and short reflections of the wisdom topics approachable. The goal is to create an intercultural album in which family resemblances and differences in the approach to the wisdom topics and related experiences become apparent. The descriptive layer is key. It may occur that some German or English wisdom topics do not have an exact equivalent in the other language. It may therefore be helpful to be guided by the already existing texts and their summaries.

Wisdom topics currently in the album (continuously extended): : Wisdom, truth, life, death, experience, worry/care, war, love, friendship, identity, destiny, work, animals, effort, poverty, attention, anger, altruism, mindfulness, misfortune , goodness, bravery, desire, perseverance, courage, dream, humility, stupidity, jealousy, parenthood, pity, memory, envy, loneliness, abstinence, renunciation, forgiveness, forgetting, friendship, fear, anxiety, fasting, secret doctrine, justice, health, greed, happiness, hatred, hope, harmony, error, idyll, wilderness, jealousy, judgment, sickness, war, crisis, loss, lie, memory, envy, overcoming, revenge, anger, fury, remorse, wealth, soul, self-realization, failure, steadfastness, stubbornness, longing, diary writing, bravery, unhappiness, forgiveness, transience, despair, bitterness, truthfulness, doubt, immaturity, phrase, enlightenment,…

Wisdom Tasks

Wisdom Talks are podcasts in which we respond to criticism, suggestions, and requests that may arise from any part of the METIS portal. Questions regarding the content of the podcasts, the texts, and the topics are welcome. We are also happy to engage in a critical analysis of our methodology, such as for example the album concept of our collections or our underlying idea of enlightenment.  Requests for missing content may also be presented. Email us your thoughts! We look forward to interacting with you!

Wisdom Loops

Auf unserem Twitter– und unserem Mastodonkanal versuchen wir jede Woche gemeinsam mit unseren Userinnen und Usern bekannten und weniger bekannten Weisheitsbröckchen auf den Grund zu gehen. Was bedeutet es eigentlich, wenn uns geraten wird “wie Wasser zu sein”? Könnt Ihr im Alltag etwas mit stoischer Seelenruhe anfangen? Möchte man wirklich jeden Tag leben, als sei es der letzte? Etc. Ernste Inhalte haben oft auch eine humoreske Seite und umgekehrt. Versuchen wir unsere eigene Erfahrungs- und Gedankenwelt an den Weisheiten verschiedener Traditionen zu spiegeln.


Instagram Fotoalbum

Sendet uns Fotos, die zu den Weisheitsthemen des Frontpagealbums (siehe oben) passen an: Wir werden regelmäßig Serien Eurer besten Schnappschüsse oder künstlerischen Aufnahmen auf Instagram laden. Wenn wir genügend Bilder eingesammelt haben, erstellen wir auch Booklets für die METIS-Homepage. Neben den immer laufenden Weisheitsthemen rufen wir auch hier auf der Homepage, via Twitter und natürlich in unserer Instagramstory zu Einsendungen unter bestimmten Rubriken auf. Wir werden z.B. dazu aufrufen, bekannte Kunstwerke, die sich mit Weisheitsthemen beschäftigen, fotographisch neu zu interpretieren. 

ABC of Wisdom

The following wisdom topics are currently processed:

Wisdom, Friendship/Love


The following podcasts are currently in editing:

“The Wisdom of Tea” (D): Interview with Taiwanese tea master Menglin Chou about the practice and path of tea.

“Only the Dead Have Seen an End to War” (EN): Podcast with Olivier del Fabbro on the diversity of war literature and perceptions.

“The Wisdom of Ancient Egypt” (D): Conversation with Jan Assmann about Maat, a wisdom-embodying deity of ancient Egypt.

“Comparative Literature – The Art of Comparison” (D): Meta-Metis podcast with Andreas Kilcher on comparison as a method of connecting texts and practices.

“Wisdom and Complexity” (D): Podcast with Gert Scobel on wisdom as an integrative ability for humans to cope with an overly complex world.

“The Collar of the Dove” (D): Podcast with Ulrich Rudolph about a special work of love.

“Daodejing” (D): Podcast with Kai Marchal about the book of the mythical sage, Laozi.

“Zhuangzi:” (D): Podcast with Kai Marchal about the important hypertext of Daoism.

“Yijing” (D & EN): 2 podcasts with Kai Marchal about the Book of Changes.

Booklets and Classics

Constantly expanding.

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