Wisdom of the Poets

English Podcast
Smiling in the mattress grave - Henrich Heine's wise way of living and dying

At first, the general topic for this Wisdom Talk might appear rather somber: we will discuss mortality and death. Yet, with humorous German poet Heinrich Heine taking center stage, we can, hopefully, find a more lighthearted approach.

Gast: Willi Goetschel

Guide: Eliane Schmid

German Podcast
Kafka bläst das Licht aus - Über die dunkle Weisheit Franz Kafkas

Do you turn to Franz Kafka’s literature when you are looking for advice in life? Would you associate Franz Kafka with wisdom or wisdom literature in general?

Guest: Andreas Kilcher

Guide: Anna Morawietz

German Podcast
Fishing for pearls in the boundless sea of existence - On the scholar and poet ʿUmar-e Ḫayyām

His quatrains, the so-called Rubāʿīyāt, are known in Europe and the USA as well as in the Persian-speaking world. There is talk of wine, of the transience of life, of surrendering to fate, but also of using one’s own intellect in a world that ultimately remains inexplicable to us.

Guest: Ulrich Rudolph

Guide: Anna Morawietz