Wisdom Topics & Wisdom Practices

German Podcast
The Way of Tea

Why tea and Zen share the same taste, an organic wine does too, and infinity may be waiting at the bottom of a cup of tea, you may learn here.

Guest: Meng-Lin Chou

Guide: Frederike Maas

English Podcast
Wisdom for sale?

Eva Schiffer tells us what you get in a philosophical practice; and what you definitely don’t.

Guest: Eva Schiffer

Guide: Eliane Schmid

English Podcast
War as the school of life?

We were privileged to speak with Iraq War veteran Dan Trusilo about how much substance there is in such a metaphor.
Is it possible to be prepared for war? Does “the way of the warrior” teach me to live a better or more conscious life?

Guest: Daniel Trusilo

Guide: Eliane Schmid

The meaning of life

In many eyes, perhaps the most important theme of the wisdom traditions: The meaning of life. We gather the most important answers of the great thinkers of this world.

Guests: Raymond Geuss

Guide: Eliane Schmid

Co-Guide: Michael Hampe

Philosophical Care

Students of philosophy have heard of practical philosophy before. But what that can be outside of today’s classroom, you will learn here.

Guest: Caroline Krüger

Guide: Frederike Maas