Wisdom Traditions of the World


Probably the most famous teacher, philosopher and political theorist in China. Confucius’ ideas have had a profound impact on people not only in his home country, but all over the world.

Guest: Kai Marchal

Guide: Eliane Schmid


Baruch de Spinoza is regarded as one of the founders of modern religious and biblical criticism and as a strict rationalist. His ethics, according to the title, are based on the geometric method. What does that mean?

Guest: Willi Goethschel

Guide: Eliane Schmid


The first Stoics met in the portico, the stoa, a public space. Where would such a space be found today?

Guest: Michael Hampe

Guide: Eliane Schmid


The legendary Laozi it is considered one of the most famous sages of Southeast Asia. In his wake, an extremely diverse philosophical school of thought differentiated itself, which seeks its equal, and sometimes finds it.

Guest: Kai Marchal

Guides: Frederike Maas, Eliane Schmid

Co-Guide: Michael Hampe

Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt has more to tell than stories about spectacular pyramids and mummies.

Guest: Jan Assmann

Guide: Frederike Maas

Islamic Wisdom Teachings

Rigorous thinking, lyrical thinking full of passion and imagery. This need not be a contradiction, as Islamic wisdom traditions impressively show.

Guests: Nadja Germann, Ulrich Rudolph

Guide: Anna Morawietz


“I know that I know nothing!” As modest as this expression sounds, behind it is a rigorous philosopher whose impact is entirely without his own writings.

Guest: Dorothea Frede

Guide: Eliane Schmid


Life-affirming and literarily diverse. From wise judgment to cosmic wisdom. Jewish wisdom literature looks at an immensely heterogeneous corpus of texts, which it presents to us in silver bowls.


Guest: Andreas Kilcher

Guide: Anna Morawietz

Co-Guide: Kai Marchal


In Buddhism, practical practice was never lost. It never aspired to the ascent in the supposedly pure theory. However, it is a prejudice to believe that Buddhist thinkers do not theorize or even cannot think sharply.

Guests: Alexander Poraj, Raji Steineck, Kai Marchal, Michael von Brück

Guides: Frederike Maas, Anna Morawietz, Eliane Schmid

Co-Guide: Michael Hampe


Many people have heard of the Hindu deities Krishna or Shiva. Expressions such as yoga, karma or even dharma are also known to many. Time to go into depth and to deal with the teachings and practices of Hinduism.

Guests: Angelika Malinar

Guides: Eliane Schmid

Co-Guide: Michael Hampe

Christian wisdom teachings

Old white men and stuffy Catholicism? Not at all The wisdom of Christianity cannot be reduced to such clichés. So, wash your feet and step inside!

Guests: Konrad Schwarz

Guides: Frederike Maas



At the heart of the philosophy of Ubuntu is the idea of a community where everyone has a place, where the individual is taken care of and the individual takes care of the community. Such a community not only gives everyone a place, but also gives space and weight to their voice. At best, the community also transfers the reasons for its cohesion to its surroundings, to the environment.

Guests: Wakanyi Hoffmann

Guides: Eliane Schmid


Skepticism proposes a life without opinions. How is that possible? Or rather, what does it even mean and how does the promised peace of mind come about if we live a life of skepticism?

Guests: Katja Vogt

Guides: Eliane Schmid


“The philosophy of Mesoamerica – the indigenous groups of precolonial North-Central America is rich and varied but relatively little – known.”

Guests: Alexus McLeod

Guides: Eliane Schmid