Science and Wisdom

German Podcast
Wisdom: On what is missing

Wisdom is nothing esoteric, but the ability to engage with the complexity of the world and to act sustainably in it. We are currently lacking it more than ever, says Gert Scobel.

Guest: Gert Scobel

Guide: Michael Hampe

Intro & Outro: Frederike Maas

English Podcast
Make your choice!

Wise decisions are good decisions. But how does empirical psychology actually study rational and good decisions? How do its theories capture the complexity and uncertainties of human action?

Guest: Ralph Hertwig

Guide: Eliane Schmider

German Podcast
One compass to guide them all!

In view of the historical and systematic diversity of wisdom traditions, Aleida Assmann has tried to make the points of the compass of wisdom understandings clearer with the help of a compass.

Guest: Aleida Assmann

Guide: Frederike Maas

English Podcast
A crowd of sages equals a sage crowd?

In the wisdom traditions, the individual is considered wise, while the group tends to be a source of irrationality. Under certain circumstances, however, the combined judgment of a crowd may exceed that of a single person, no matter how wise. This phenomenon is called “Wisdom of the Crowd.”

Guest: Ralph Hertwig

Guide: Eliane Schmid

Co-Guide: Michael Hampe

German Podcast
Wisdom comes in sleep

“To his own the Lord giveth in sleep” What do we get in sleep? And why should sleep itself be a gift? Is it because we forget our troubles while we sleep? Or is there more to it than that? If it is part of wisdom that we detach ourselves from life worries, then sleep seems to be very helpful in this regard.

Gast: Alexander Borbély

Guide: Anna Morawietz